Termux tutorials – Made hacking Easy for beginners

Termux tutorials – Made hacking Easy for you

Termux tutorials

What termux really is ?

Termux is an linux terminal emulator for Android. Which works without any root access or setup required . It’s a minimal base linux system on which you can install more packages using apt get command. We will tell you termux tutorials in this article.
Termux tutorials like a pro
Termux Top Features :
  1. Secured
  2. Contains many Features
  3. customizable
  4. Run most of debain linux packages
  5. many more 
Termux Commands?
in simple words, Termux Commands means they linux  terminal commands, which are to to perform a specific task like installing packages, hacking tools,
 writing files etc.
How to install pakage in Termux:
To install any packages in Termux you can simply use this command –
Apt install [pakage name]
For example:
Apt install python
Update and upgrade termux pakages :
To update pakages:

Apt update

To upgrade pakages

Apt upgrade


Managing files in termux

To manage or access files in termux then you should know the following commands:


To access or change a file directory cd command is used
Its default directory is placed  /data/data/com.termux/

You can go to it anytime by using cd $home

ls – this command is used to see all files in your current folder or directory

To access internal storage of your device you should use    cd /sdcard && ls

To Access your phone’s External Sdcard use command  cd /sdcard0/ && ls

To delete an empty folder, use this command: rm -rf filename
Where filename is the name of your file
Similarly, you can use rm -r filename

TT create a forlder or Directory mkdir Command is used
Eg: mkdir myfirstfile
Where myfirstfile is your Directory Name

 To make a copy of a file cp  Command is used
eg: cp /path/file /path
Similarly for moving mv Command is used

Termux also Supports zipping and Unzipping of Zip files directly from command line
For that zip , unzip Commands are used
Some important pakages to be installed before starting hacking

pkg install git

pkg install python

pkg install php

pkg install python3

pkg install wget

pkg install nmap

Hacking with Termux on Android:
Now it’s time to learn a little bit of how to do hacking using termux. In this first lesson we will try to install some top Hacking tools that’s can be used in Termux.
Top 5 best hacking tools for termux
Installing the Metasploit framework on Termux:
Metasploit is one of the best and advance tool for hacking and penetrations Testing you can hack androids,pc, vulnerable servers etc.

pkg install unstable-repo

pkg install metasploit
Installing Nmap:
Nmap is a complete tools for scanning ports and vulnerabilities in a network. 

pkg install nmap

Installing Hydra:
Hydra is the best  password cracking and brute-forcing tool. It can be used to crack password of  services like telnet, ssh, ftp, etc. 

pkg install hydra

Installing SQLMAP:
SQL map is a tool to find sql injection vulnerability in an web application.

pkg update

Install Python2

pkg install python2

Install Git

pkg install git

Clone sqlmap git repository:

git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap.git

cd sqlmap

python2 sqlmap.py

For now that you will we continue for more: 
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